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Fluid Flight Carbon Teal Feestyle Ski only With Fin


Fluid Flight Carbon Teal Feestyle Ski only With Fin Flight C – C for carbon. We have enhanced performance with a NEW 100% multi layered carbon graphite wrap around a CNC machined Polyurethane core along with a V Contoured front top profile, together these features produce an even bigger pop off the wake and lightning-fast performance. Weighing a little less it gives a Stiffer, faster, higher ride.

Since before the beginning of wakeboarding and with the size of our wakes becoming larger skiers have wanted to show their freestyle talent and take flight.

Our Flight C skis are designed as wide as the tallest skis for extreme pop off the wake but as short as our smallest skis for maximum manoeuvrability and less swing weight.

If you like to jump the wake on your slalom ski, come grab one of these, they will make you take flight.

Designed just for fun. You will discover a whole new sport. These are the skis to ride over a big wake for a huge pop. Imagine doing a front roll, a back flip, tick-tocks or Helicopters and much much more, all with ease.

Come on and take Flight.

Size:  63”- 160cm Extra wide


  • NEW 100% multi layered carbon fibre lay-up
  • V Contoured top profile
  • CNC machined P.U. foam core
  • Extra Hex based inserts to accommodate any boot
  • Dry Cell fin block
  • Fluid signature shaped ski tip

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