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Action Cpz Series 8 Slim
Built just for FUN


All our Fluid Skis are hand crafted in our own factory with the greatest care and attention to every detail.

Owning our own factory gives us the ability to source and experiment with the very best materials, totally control quality, to continually improve our processes and to create the best and most reliable products. This has enabled us to create skis that are exceptional in construction, with features that make our brand unique. Check out these features and materials below, we explain why we developed them and the reasons for using them.

Pvc Core


A PVC foam core has vastly different properties than other core material. It is extremely lighter, far livelier, it stores and releases energy instantly as you manoeuvre the ski.

Fluids PVC foam core is precisely cut to a millimetre perfect specification with a CNC machine to ensure optimum fit.

3 K Carbon Twill


Carbon fibre reacts eight times faster than fibreglass. Carbon fibre has a spring unlike fibreglass that gives our Fluid skis their intense acceleration and rapid response under your feet. The carbon fibre construction makes to produce a ski with a combination of lightness, stiffness and strength.


Carbon fibre has a reflex and reaction time which CAN NOT be matched by ANY other material, this along with PVC as a foam core material creates energy in the build of a ski. The weight reduction in PVC foam is a benefit not outweighed by the quick-tempered nature of the material itself.

When these two elements are combined in a ski, acceleration and reaction times become extreme. It is far lighter thus easier and less effort to change direction, the skis reaction time is instant making it at home around a slalom course or just carving up your local waterway.