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Action Cpz Series 8 Slim
Built just for FUN

Why Choose Us?

Fluid skis are fully Australian owned. All our skis are of our own original design, engineered and extensively tested here in Australia, manufactured out of our own factory keeping the entire process in house and now we are selling direct to the public.

This gives us the ability to source and experiment with very best materials, totally control quality, to continually improve our processes and to create the very best and most reliable products and sell at most affordable price.

Why should you buy FLUID?

All Fluid skis are built to take all the punishment you can dish out. Constructed like no other brand with superior features listed below.

Transparent Nylon screen-printed deck & base

Only Fluid skis full range feature exactly the same nylon material on both top and bottom. This makes our skis extremely strong, lightweight and durable. It increases the skis strength and also allows us to screen both the ski deck and base in matching vibrant colours.

Nylon is transparent and allows us to show off the skis carbon fiber construction on the base the same as the deck.


Hex based inserts

Only Fluid skis feature our Hex Base Inserts.

​Our inserts have been engineered to take on all the punishment that can occur under extreme conditions. The Fluid Hex insert is machined out of solid brass and fitted into a nylon block which is then placed into our Polyurethane and PVC cores with CNC machined millimeter precision.

​Once all these units are moulded together with resin under precise pressure, they combine to form an unrivaled solid foundation built to take on any move.

Dry Cell fin block

Only Fluid skis have a “Dry Cell Insert”.  A Fluid water ski first.

​All Polyurethane and PVC cores are closed cell which means their cells are sealed (protected) from water, however over time with constant water pressure these materials break down and eventually the water invades them.

​By inserting a Nylon block to encase the skis fin this ensures continuous protection, extends the skis life and maintains its performance longer.





Our guarantee doesn’t stop there

Purchase one of our skis and if your NOT happy with it after your first ski contact us and we’ll make it right either by changing you to a more suitable model or a full refund (conditions apply)