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Fluid Blunt Wakeskate with Foam Concaved Deck


Fluid Blunt Wakeskate with Foam Concaved Deck The Blunt features a full concave EVA top with the same shape concave as the Illuminati. It has an angled bevel that helps to provide a more effective edge into the wake.

The Blunt has our NBD base, a fully sealed 9-ply bottom base for all the feel and pop of wood. The concave EVA deck provides extra heel and toe control giving you extra lift off the wake and in the flats.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional on a budget or just beginning the Blunt was designed with you in mind!

size 43″  (109 cm)


  • 9 Ply Wood Construction
  • Bevelled Edge
  • Concave EVA Top NBD Plywood Core
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