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Fluid Cell Pro wakeboard Rope & handle package


This pro package features a soft suede handle combined with the multi section square coated line. If your serious about your big moves, this package is for you.

HANDLE FEATURES Barlock (anti-roll) 1.15” handle diameter Filled with EVA for floatation Sude with embroidery grip 3 mm thick memory foam, designed for advanced revolutions.

ROPE FEATURES 80 ft mainline Strung with 12-strand Dyneema rope 5 Section.


• Nylon BarLock = less handle rotation
• 15” Extra tacky ribbed suede grip w/ silicone seam grip closure
• 1.15” Handle diameter
• T6 Lightweight aircraft aluminum dowel
• EVA inside handlebar for flotation
• Handle strung with 12-strand Dyneema rope
• Ultra-thin square silicone embossed coated cover
• Buoyancy technology – it floats!
• 100% Dyneema core
• Abrasion free, snag resistant cover
• 80ft mainline with 5-sections
• 85ft total length including handle
• One 55ft section


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