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Fluid Push Pull Ski Tube Pump


Fluid Push Pull Ski Tube Pump Our Fluid push pull pump is a double action air pump inflates and deflates towable tubes. It delivers a continuous stream of air on both the up and down strokes. Simply turn the release valve counter-clockwise and you’re pumping air only on the down-stroke. Four universal valve fittings are included to fit Boston valves and stem valves. The accordion-style hose stretches to 5 ft. long and interlocks to the pump, so that it doesn’t fall off while you’re pumping. Volume is 2 liters / stroke. Very effective for “topping off” large towables in the boat, since peak pressure is an impressive 14 psi.

  • Inserts air with both the up & down strokes
  • universal valve fittings
  • accordion style hose
  • liter ofPeak preasure 14 PSI
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